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Tereza Hirsch

Director, screenwriter, executive producer

Tereza Hirsch

Tereza is an award-winning director and screenwriter. Her directorial debut The Guilt List has made it to more than 60 film festivals worldwide and won 16 awards. Tereza owns the Hirsch Pictures production company in Los Angeles, which she founded.

Luis Seemann


Luis Seemann

German born in the USA, Luis Seemann, helped Tereze Hirsch to develop the film Beyond Her Lens. He studies in Berlin and makes advertising videos, e.g. for Lufthansa. He is also a cameraman and editor, known for example for From the Cradle to the Grave (2019) and Nicht Allein (2018).

Sani Baladi.jpg

Music composer

Sani Baladi

Sani began his musical career at the age of 6. At the age of 19 he fell in love with film music and moved to Los Angeles to study Santa Monica College and then the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. In the original soundtrack of the film Beyond Her Lens he used an exotic musical instrument santur, which he had brought from Iran.

Pavlína Markéta Pospíšilová_edited.jpg

Make-up artist

Pavlína Markéta Pospíšilová

Talented make-up artist Pavlína Markéta Pospíšilová owns the studio Visage Anděl in Prague, where she provides daily, wedding or graduation make-up with hairstyle, as well as make-up lessons and photo transformations. She is also an experienced film make up artist.



Veronika Hurtová

Veronika Hurtová studied at the Studio of Sculpture 2 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 2019 she presented her talent for theatre in the production of Fairy Tales from Rice Fields as part of the festival Taste Vietnam 2019.

David Colon.jpg

Graphic designer

David Colon

David Colon has always liked to draw. It never changed. His first success was the short film "Deuda de Favores" for which he was awarded. This award encouraged him to further develop his talent for video production and design. Gradually he began to specialize in visual and interactive design, where he continues to develop his creativity. He lives in Spain, where he works.


Cameraman, editor

Lukáš Hausenblas

Hausenblas is a part of the Czech film duo Van & Haus, which creates contemporary and original audiovisual works. He is also the creator of the video Alkoholická from the group Skety featuring Vojta Dyk, which has almost 5 million views.

Alena Horáčková.jpg

Assistant Director

Alena Horáčková

After completing her studies in audiovisual production, she finalizes her studies in media communication in Ilmenau, Germany. Since January 2019 she has been working for the production company Hirsch Pictures and has also moderated the premiere of Beyond Her Lens in Lucerna.

Daniel Valášek.jpg


Daniel Valášek

Former student of musicology at Charles University, now works for (A)VOID Floating Gallery. At the same time, he is fully devoted to music and film production. He worked with cameraman Lukáš Hausenblas on the award-winning film Deformér (2018).

Václav Čtvrtník.jpg

First assistant camera

Václav Čtvrtník

Assistant camera Vašek Čtvrtník studies at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the University of West Bohemia. He is a permanent member of the team of Lukáš Hausenblas.


Second assistant camera

Leoš Kastner

Kastner is a cameraman at Moviehouse Studios. His most successful project is his graduation film Trash Town, which was made under the auspices of Multilab (Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen). It is a film from a post-apocalyptic environment where groups of people have already recovered from the destruction of the world and together have formed completely diverse clans of different cultures and ethnicities.

Adéla Mutlová_edited.jpg

Production assistant

Adéla Mutlová

She has worked with director Tereza Hirsch for the longest time from the entire team. In 2016 she was involved in the preparation and filming of the director's debut film The Guilt List, where she worked on a set in Riverside, California as a production coordinator.


Lucie Vondráčková.jpg


Lucie Vondráčková

We do not need to introduce Lucie Vondráčková to anyone. She has been acting since she was 7 years old, she has played mainly in fairy tales and comedies. At the same time, she dubbed famous actresses, for example in the animated film Hotel Transylvania, The Chronicles of Narnia or in the series Glee and Dexter. In 2018 her latest album called Rose was released.

Bob Boudreaux.jpg


Bob Boudreaux

Theater and film actor Bob Boudreaux is a native of Massachusetts, USA, but has long lived in Prague. In addition to film roles such as Borg vs. McEnroe and Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth, he starred in the American series Banshee. For the Czech audience Bob will be most known for Shakespeare's theatrical performances of the Estates Theater, Richard III. and Othello.

Diego DiGiovanni.jpg


Diego DiGiovanni

An American actor´, originally from Italy, played in our film a friend of a war reporter Alex, Mike. In addition, Diego was seen in the series Knightfall with Mark Hamill or in the cult series Monk. Like Bob Boudreaux, Diego is dedicated to theater. As part of the Prague Shakespeare Company, he played the English version of Moliér's Tartuffe and during the Summer Shakespeare Festival he played in Measure For Measure.



Kryštof Sochor

Kryštof Sochor, who played the Iraqi boy Ali in the film, is a young child actor, also known from the films Padesátka, Vyrobeno s láskou and the series Ordinace v růžové zahradě and Modrý kód. You could also see him in international ads. Kryštof is also a talented figure skater and would like to study acting in the US.

Paul Dean.jpg


Paul Dean

Paul is a British filmmaker, actor, screenwriter, cameraman, director and founder of Paul Dean Film based in Prague. He has made several music videos, commercials and short films, such as "Červeň" with Ondřej Vetchý. His biggest project so far is a role in Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom, which you can see on Amazon's streaming platform.

Director's biography - Tereza Hirsch

Tereza Hirsch is a director, screenwriter and producer. She was born to a German mother and a Czech father. She grew up in Prague and graduated in film studies from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles with a Master's degree. Thanks to her talent and family background Tereza speaks several languages ​​- fluent Czech, German and English, as well as French and Spanish.

Her directorial debut The Guilt List has made it to over 60 film festivals worldwide and won 16 awards, including Best Short Film and Best Camera at the Brazil International Film Festival. She also collaborated on Ariel Heller's Mammoth film, which was awarded at the 2017 Student Oscars and in commercials (for example for Toyota) or the Feel Nothing music video by The Plot In You, which has over 4.5 million views on YouTube. Nor does she avoid Czech cooperation, as her film Beyond Her Lens from 2019 shows.

Tereza owns the Hirsch Pictures production company in Los Angeles, which she founded.

Tereza Hirsch

- source: čsfd

Cameraman's biography - Lukáš Hausenblas

A young cameraman studies at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.


Lukáš Hausenblas is a part of the Czech film duo Van & Haus, which creates contemporary and original audiovisual works. Together with director David Vanicek he made the short film Deformér, which won the Best Film of debut filmmakers at the Portugal International Film Festival 2019 in Porto. From the documentary work we must mention Lukáš's portrait of the famous artist Jindřich Krátký.

Lukáš is also involved in music videos by well-known Czech artists. In the first place we should mention the video Alkoholická from the group Skety featuring Vojta Dyk, which has almost 5 million views. You can also know David Deyl's lyric video for Ahora, Marz's Kamaše song, or a song Afterlove song by jazz singer Marta Kloučková. A big hit was also the trailer for the Avon March 2018, as well as the project Velvet Voices of Czech Television, where 93 choirs and many well-known singers paricipated (Aneta Langerova, Bara Basikova, Jana Kirschner, Lenka Dusilova, Vojtech Dyk, Adam Plachetka and Martin Šrejma).

In our film Beyond Her Lens he was not only involved as a cameraman and editor, but also helped with production. For example, he found a unique location of a destroyed Iraqi city or airport.


Actress' biography - Lucie Vondráčková

Lucie was born in Prague. Her mother is a lyricist and a doctor of philosophy, her father Jiří tried to assert himself as a singer, but her aunt Helena Vondráčková, who has been the star of Czech pop music for almost 40 years, is far more famous.

She first appeared in front of the camera at the age of nine, and worked as an actress in Canada for several years recently, starring in films for audiences around the world.

In 2018 she starred in the comedy The Perfect Kiss and by 2020 is preparing another film Hotel Limbo.

Lucie Vondráčková is an active member of the prestigious actors' association ACTRA. Her beginnings of a career date back to 1991, when she starred in the series of Ludvík Ráž Území bílých králů, later in the series Václav Vorlíček Arabela se vrací aneb Rumburak králem Říše pohádek. In 1992, she hosted the program for children and youth Marmeláda and a year later released her first album of the same name, Marmeláda.

She has starred in three films by Juraj Jakubisko - Nejasná zpráva o konci světa, Bathory (in both films her character was named Lucie) and Post Coitum, as well as in Labyrint. The latest film is so far Babovřesky, a comedy by Zdeněk Troška.

The turning point in her acting career was 1992, when she got a small role in the National Theater in the play Saténový střevíček with Libuše Šafránková. At the Rokoko Theater she has performed for eight years: Shakespeare's Julie, Aňa in the Cherry Orchard, Joan of Arc in Skřivánek, Mary Warren in Witches of Salem, Alice in Na dotek, and more. In the Kašpar Theater Association she played the role of Anne, Queen Margaret and scribe in Richard III. In the musical Excalibur she embodied Morgana. Her musical role was, for example, Hanka in Starci na chmelu (Millennium Theater) or Karin in the musical Touha (Kalich Theater).

She is also involved in dubbing and working on the radio (Polepšovna na konci vesmíru, Hra snů, Bouřka, O Rubáškovi), for which she was awarded the Invisible Actor 2011 award. In 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 she won the TýTý audience poll in the singer category.

Since 2010 Lucie has been playing mostly in English speaking films and among American artists she has been an actress in the films The Last Holiday, Joan Of Arc and Hotel Limbo.

Lucie Vondráčková.jpg

- source: wikipedie

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